An online credit application form allows a consumer to ask a bank, retailer, credit card company or other entity for funds over the Internet, according to Discover. After examining the information on the application, the... More »

A business credit application is a document used when a business owner wants to obtain credit from another business, and it contains information that helps a lender make a decisions on lending to the business, states Roc... More »

To fill out a business credit card application, fill out the personal information, business information, such as number of employees and annual revenue, and add the tax identification number. If the business is a sole pr... More »

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To obtain a Discover credit card, complete the application form on the Discover website for one of three credit cards the service offers, states Discover. There is no such thing as a Discover Visa credit card as Discover... More »

Inquire about your credit card's balance by contacting your credit card company on the telephone, via the Internet, on a smartphone application or by checking your credit card statement, recommends LaToya Irby for About.... More »

To receive a pre-approved credit card, applicants must submit the application form enclosed with the offer of credit sent by the credit card company. Even though applicants receive a pre-approved credit card offer, credi... More »

Individuals can easily apply for a Macy's credit card online by visiting Macy's website, choosing the Apply For Credit link, and completing the short application form, states Macy's. Once approved, the applicant can imme... More »