A business credit application is a document used when a business owner wants to obtain credit from another business, and it contains information that helps a lender make a decisions on lending to the business, states Roc... More »

To fill out a business credit card application, fill out the personal information, business information, such as number of employees and annual revenue, and add the tax identification number. If the business is a sole pr... More »

Entrepreneur Magazine and provide credit application templates for businesses, allowing site visitors to download the documents at no charge, explains Entrepreneur. A retail business wishing to e... More »

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The process of obtaining an instant line of credit varies by lender; for instance, Kabbage requires you to sign up on its site and link the services you use in the course of business, such as and Square, fo... More »

Consumers dispute credit bureau decisions or errors in information by checking credit reports to be sure the error exists, contacting the credit bureau to report the error and request an investigation, and contacting the... More »

Apply for an Old Navy credit card by visiting a retail store or filling out an online credit application. Be prepared to supply your personal contact information, monthly income and residence details. As of 2014, applica... More »

Visa credit cards are not available for purchase, but can be obtained by qualified individuals who submit a credit application to a bank. Visa credit cards are issued by individual banks, not directly by Visa. More »