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Business correspondence is important because it enables a business to maintain a proper relationship with its stakeholders and customers, explains American Stationary. Job seekers also use business correspondence to communicate with employers in a professional way.


Many companies that sell a high volume of low cost products will periodically offer free samples. Businesses in the food, beauty, childcare, and health industries all commonly give way free samples, both online and offline.


Sampling, in statistics, is a method of answering questions that deal with large numbers of individuals by selecting a smaller subset of the population for study. One of the most prevalent types of sampling is random sampling.


A business proposal is a written document that outlines a business idea in order to gain potential clients or customers or to entice an investor to make an investment in the business. A business proposal is also used when requesting a loan from a bank.


Samples of business letters addressing a variety of topics and concerns are available at 4HB.com and EnglishClub.com. In addition, a Microsoft Word template for writing a business letter can be downloaded from Vertex42.com.


Love to Know and Sample Resignation Letters provide closing business letter samples. Both of the websites include a different sample specifically for customers and suppliers.


By going to websites, such as GotPrint, PrintingForLess.com and Brother Industries, it is possible to view sample business cards. Two of these websites also provide free business card templates that are either downloadable or can be customized and then printed.


According to Purdue University's Online Writing Lab, personal correspondence is defined as either personal letters or newsletters. Personal letters include many sorts of communication, from holiday salutations to letters of complaint. Newsletters are intended to inform readers on a subject.


The WriteExpress website offers several free sample collection letters, including options to remind customers of their past due account statuses. This website also provides letters that demand immediate payment and state an intention to take aggressive action.


While students can complete online study only virtually through online programs, resources and tools, students can complete correspondence study either virtually or through print methods. If a college or instructor prefers print methods for correspondence study, students pick up course materials at