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Business correspondence is important because it enables a business to maintain a proper relationship with its stakeholders and customers, explains American Stationary. Job seekers also use business correspondence to communicate with employers in a professional way.


A business letter is a type of correspondence between companies or between companies and individuals, such as customers, clients, contractors or other outside parties. Business letters differ from personal letters in that they are more formal in tone and writing style. However, the tone and style ca


Business letters are used as formal communications between businesses, employees, managers, clients and prospective clients. Business letters should include the sender's address, date, the recipient's address and the date, among other information, according to Purdue University's Online Writing Lab.


General practice when writing a business letter is to use a Times New Roman size 12 font, with a left-justified block format that is single-spaced within paragraphs and double-spaced between paragraphs. To write the letter, include the sender's address, date, inside address, salutation, body text, c


The proper header is necessary to start a business letter. Begin with your address. Skip a line, and fully write out the date. Skip another line, and write the inside address of person you are addressing. Skip one last line, and write your salutation, ending with a colon.


The end section of a business letter is polite, respectful and leaves a positive impression on the person the letter addresses. The exact way a business letter ends depends greatly on the degree to which a relationship has been established.


Business letters are important because they serve as a formal method of communication between people. They provide valuable information on business-related matters, such as purchase transactions, and they serve a legal purpose. Business letter also are used as a reference material to future transact


A business moving letter is a document used to alert customers, clients and even employees that a business intends to move to a new location. Business moving letters may be sent electronically or through traditional mail services.


Business letters include an introduction that briefly outlines the reasons for writing, followed by two or three paragraphs explaining the matter in further detail. End the letter with a conclusion that includes an immediate call to action. Business letters also include the sender and the recipient'


The date for a business letter is typed 2 inches below the top of the letter. The position of the date is either left-justified or centered in the middle of the page.