Greyhound has a station at the Atlantic City Bus Terminal on Atlantic Avenue, and the city is also served by Megabus and several other commercial carriers. A number of casinos also have shuttle buses that run to and from... More »

Some buses that take daily trips to Atlantic City, New Jersey include Greyhound Lucky Streak and Academy Bus Lines. Other companies that offer service to Atlantic City are King Coal Tours, Leprechaun Lines and Superior T... More » Geography

The legal gambling age for all Atlantic City casinos is 21. Anyone arrested for underage gambling in Atlantic City faces a disorderly persons offence charge, which becomes part of a criminal record. A conviction includes... More »

You can find buses going to Virginia on the websites of Megabus, Sprinter Bus and Greyhound. All three websites enable you to choose travel dates, see available itineraries and book your reservations online. Destinations... More » Geography

You can find the nearest Greyhound station by going to the official Greyhound website and clicking on Locations. Enter your city, state or ZIP code; from there, the Web page provides you with a list of local Greyhound st... More » Geography

Megabus has a tool on its website that gives detailed descriptions of its stop locations in each city that it serves. The company does not have its own stations, and stops are usually located outside. More » Geography

Megabus, GO The Airport Shuttle, Eastern Shuttle, Washington Deluxe and the Peter Pan Bus Company are five shuttle bus services that take passengers to and from Washington, D.C. to select locations outside the city. Trav... More » Geography