While it's not the same type of burial humans hold for one another, some chimpanzees and elephants have been known to put leaves and branches over members of their groups that have passed. Mourning has also been observed... More » Pets & Animals

A dead person's body is buried as a way of treating it with reverence and showing last respect. The human body is considered sacred and holy and cannot be tossed away. More » World View Social Sciences Cultures & Traditions

The common phrase "six feet under" is traced back to England in 1665, when an outbreak of the plague led the mayor of London to enact a law requiring all graves to be at least six feet deep in an attempt to limit the spr... More » Science Forensic Science
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A wide variety of animals participate in communal child rearing, from pack hunters that form family social groups, including orcas, lions, wolves and chimpanzees, to other groups of animals including elephants in both As... More » Pets & Animals

The earliest humans ate a diet similar to that of apes and chimpanzees, consisting mostly of fruit and leaves with occasional insects and meat. As humans developed tool use, meat became a much larger portion of the human... More » History Prehistory

Animal rescue groups in Minnesota's major cities include Midwest Animal Rescue & Services; Second Chance Animal Rescue and Underdog Rescue in the Twin Cities; Animal Allies Humane Society in Duluth; and Paws and Claws Hu... More » Pets & Animals

The mantis shrimp is believed to have the most complex eyesight of any animal, including humans. This marine animal has a much wider visual spectrum than any other animal, with an ability to see colors that humans can't ... More » Pets & Animals