In order to create a church bulletin board, you must first determine what theme the board will be based on. Themes can be based on bible verses, holidays, special sermons, or general church recognition and events. More » World View Religion

Make a homemade bulletin board using styrofoam, fabric, glue, a sharp knife, scissors and ribbon. All you have to do is cover the styrofoam with fabric, glue it in place and add ribbon. It takes less than an hour to comp... More » Hobbies & Games Crafting

A Christmas bulletin board can be made using a variety of craft supplies, such as construction paper, ribbon, felt material, cotton balls and string. Depending on the artistic abilities of the creator, a Christmas bullet... More » Holidays & Celebrations Holidays Christmas

Church bulletins usually include the name and address of the church, the title and passage of the sermon, and the pertinent announcements for the week. Many also include a schedule of service and give records for the fis... More » World View Religion

Some good religious bulletin board ideas are "Different People" and "I Am Special," and these bulletin boards focus on how God made all people important and unique. Additional religious bulletin board ideas are a Noah's ... More » World View Religion

To create a program for a church event, list the name of the person or people leading the service and the theme of the service, include upcoming church events, list ways for church members to connect outside of the servi... More »

To build a contemporary church pulpit, cut an 8-foot pine two-by-four into four sections measuring 2 feet each, and use nails to attach these pieces to form the base of the pulpit; each piece should rest on the 2-inch si... More » World View Religion