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A convection microwave is an appliance that combines the quick cooking of a microwave with the browning, crisping and cook-through ability of a convection oven. Instead of cooking the food from the inside out like a regular microwave, a convection microwave can brown and cook the outside of the food


As of February 2015, microwave/convection ovens can be purchased on the websites of major online retailers that sell small appliances, including Amazon.com, Walmart.com and BestBuy.com. A wide variety of brands and designs are available across these websites, including some refurbished models.


The Sharp R-930 Series Convection Microwave is a good choice for a small family, according to Microwave Oven Central. This oven combines convenient features with a slim profile that makes it an excellent option for small kitchens.


The advantages of microwave ovens over convection ovens include cost, style diversity and more dishware options. Microwave ovens are available in several distinct styles that include combination microwave ovens, countertop models, microwave drawers and above-range models. These appliances are also c


Major appliance companies that produce microwave ovens that include convection functionality are produced by Kenmore, KitchenAid, General Electric, Bosch, Frigidare, LG, Samsung and Sharp. These microwaves are produced in countertop, over the range and built-in designs.


Convection ovens are available from a number of stores, including Amazon, Walmart and Target. Each of these three stores provides shipping, often for free, while both Walmart and Target offer convection microwaves for sale in store or allow consumers to order online and pick up at the store.


Convection microwaves are similar to traditional microwaves but have a few potential safety risks. In particular, some items that are safe to use in a conventional microwave can be dangerous in a convection microwave.


A convection microwave combines elements of a microwave with elements of a convection oven. The microwave uses non-ionizing radiation to heat food, while convection uses a heating component and internal fans to circulate heat. Convection microwaves typically have three settings: microwave only, conv


Electrolux, Sharp and KitchenAid are three brands that make highly rated built-in microwave ovens. Built-in microwave ovens have the integrated look of a wall oven, but offer the power and speed of a microwave oven. The cost of a built-in microwave is generally between $500 and $1,500.


Convection ovens feature a fan that circulates the heat to cook food more evenly. The fan also shortens cooking time up to 25 percent, compared to cooking time of a traditional oven. Food that is cooked evenly is juicier, looks more appealing and tastes better.