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Build a flower bed by laying out the bed, removing grass and weeds, adding soil and organic matter, then planting flowers. Flower beds can be raised or in the ground, but the building process is basically the same for either.


To make a flower bed, pour layers of soil over newspaper, and allow the soil to decompose for months. You need cardboard, newspaper, topsoil, compost, mulch and bricks. Build the bed at the start of a season, such as spring, so the bed is decomposed enough for the follo...


To build a brick flower bed, make a concrete trench, chalk an outline, lay the first course, build the corners, finish the rest of the courses, check the levels and finish the joint with a pointing tool. It takes two to three days depending on drying times.


To edge a flower bed, use a garden hose to outline the garden, and then use a spade to cut away the dirt and grass along the perimeter of the flower bed. Add mulch after edging the flower bed to repress grass and weed growth.


To keep dogs out of flowerbeds, spray vinegar, sprinkle red pepper flakes, insert stakes into the ground, place thorny branches around the plants or, if necessary, construct a chicken-wire fence. To help distract dogs away from the flowers, make them their own pet play ...


To prepare a flower bed in a garden, clear the bed, test the soil, add organic matter and turn up the soil. Apply fertilizer to the bed before planting.


To keep cats out of flower beds, use scent repellents, such as citronella, lavender, citrus peels, coffee grounds and vinegar. Choose which scents to use, place them around the flower bed, and replace them regularly.