A skeletal building structure is a steel frame that is built to support a large building or skyscraper. The structure consists of metal beams forming vertical columns crossed with steel girders for stability. More »

The protein-building structures contained in all cells are ribosomes. Thousands of these structures are present in cells, with more present in cells that make lots of proteins. Ribosomes take the genetic message of DNA a... More »

A mass structure is a structure that is made by combining similar materials into a certain shape or design. Mountains are an example of a natural mass structure, and brick walls are an example of a man-made mass structur... More »

An endoskeleton is the skeletal structure possessed by all human beings and by many animals; it is composed of a support scaffold made of mineralized tissue forming either bone or cartilage. All vertebrates possess these... More »

An anatomy course provides an excellent education on the skeletal system. Anatomy studies the physical structure of an organism. A course that examines both anatomy and physiology of the human body demonstrates how the b... More »

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Exercise influences the skeletal system primarily by the impact on the bones and the enhancement of muscle mass and power, according to Nature.com. This triggers a remodeling of bones, ligaments and tendons, which are ma... More »

A fetal skeletal system contains over 300 bones. These bones are made almost exclusively out of soft cartilage and eventually fuse into an adult skeleton. More »