"LEED AP Building Design and Construction refers to a credential as an accredited professional in green building and design that is available through the Leadership in Energy More » Business & Finance Industries

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Leader in Energy and Environmental Design or LEED, is a green building certification that measures the sustainability of a building or community. LEED certification can be applied to various types of projects and has fiv... More » Art & Literature Architecture

For a building project to secure Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design certification, it must consist of a permanent building built on existing land, include all contiguous land associated with the project, and c... More » Art & Literature Architecture

When a building incorporates energy-efficient and other green designs into its architecture and consists of enough prerequisites and credits to earn points, the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design Green Buildin... More » Science Environmental Science Sustainability

Advantages of plastic include use in the building and construction industry, packaging, transportation, electronics and recycling. Disadvantages of plastic include durability, environmental harm, chemical risk and chokin... More » Business & Finance Industries