LEED AP Building Design and Construction refers to a credential as an accredited professional in green building and design that is available through the Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design Program of the U.S. Gre... More » Business & Finance Industries

Constructions plans for building a birdhouse are available at The plans include a material list, cutting layout for a one-board birdhouse, and six-step instructions. and BobVila.c... More » Hobbies & Games Crafting

Architects are professionals that design buildings. An architect meets with a government or private sector client to discuss goals and plans for a building. The architect then uses computer programs to develop drawings o... More » Art & Literature Architecture
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Leader in Energy and Environmental Design or LEED, is a green building certification that measures the sustainability of a building or community. LEED certification can be applied to various types of projects and has fiv... More » Art & Literature Architecture

When a building incorporates energy-efficient and other green designs into its architecture and consists of enough prerequisites and credits to earn points, the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design Green Buildin... More » Science Environmental Science Sustainability

For a building project to secure Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design certification, it must consist of a permanent building built on existing land, include all contiguous land associated with the project, and c... More » Art & Literature Architecture

Advantages of plastic include use in the building and construction industry, packaging, transportation, electronics and recycling. Disadvantages of plastic include durability, environmental harm, chemical risk and chokin... More » Business & Finance Industries