To build a go-kart, start by cutting metal tubing according the plans or schematics of the go-kart; most go-karts' front ends feature a camber angle. The front end should be narrower than the rear, allowing the wheels mo... More » Vehicles

Some games on PBS Kids Go include “Kart Kingdom,” “Giant Hide and Seek” and “Oh Noah! Lost and Found.” These educational games help kids learn math, problem solving and other skills. More »

Sell a used go-kart by documenting its condition and ensuring its safety, then cleaning it and taking several clear pictures of its exterior and interior. Write a description of the go-kart and post it, along with the ph... More » Vehicles Buying & Selling

To drift in a go kart, ease back on the gas pedal, and apply the brake slightly while veering the wheel to the left. Make sure the brake pedal is pressed gently and smoothly to avoid a spin out while drifting around corn... More »

Azusa Engineering and Changzhou Frame Vehicle Parts are two go-kart frame manufacturers. Azusa is based in Covina, California, and Changzhou is headquartered in Jiangsu, China. Both manufacturers provide go-kart frames t... More » Vehicles

Positive camber refers to the angle of a wheel rim that is mounted with the top side of the wheel angled away from the vehicle. Camber is the measurement of the inward or outward angle of wheels. More »

When pricing anything used, including go-karts, it is easier to get the best price when the market is in the buyer's favor, to know what features, price or brand is desired and to compare prices online and locally to fin... More » Vehicles Buying & Selling