Make a spy camera by hiding a small camera or camera-equipped mobile phone inside an inconspicuous household object or by modifying a webcam to fit in one. Control wireless webcams and mobile phones remotely by connectin... More » Technology, The Home Security Super Store and BrickHouse Security are some of the websites that offer motion activated spy cameras as of 2015. Cameras on offer come disguised in various ways and are available in dif... More » Technology

Inexpensive generic brand wireless spy cameras are available on and as of 2015. is a brand that offers a selection of economy-grade hidden cameras. More » Technology
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JVC Everio GZ Mg330 is a slim high-definition hybrid camera that is compact enough to fit in a small camera bag. The camera is a product of Victor Company of Japan, Ltd, which is commonly referred to as JVC. More » Technology

Small wireless spy camera are available from home security and electronics sites such as, and, as of 2015. General retail sites such as and auction sites su... More » Technology

Many websites provide instructions for a spy pen camera, including, and; the sites are freely accessible. Street shops that sell spy pen cameras also have spy pen camer... More » Technology

Capture still images with a webcam using software such as AMCap or Picasa. You can also capture still images through web-based services, such as More » Technology