To make a metal detector, take an AM radio and tune it the highest end of the AM radio frequency, but not on a station that is broadcasting. Turn the volume up as loud as possible. The only noise heard should be static. ... More » Hobbies & Games

A carbon monoxide detector typically lasts between five and seven years. Homeowners should check the back of a detector for a build date or expiration date in order to know when it is due for replacement. More » Home & Garden Home Maintenance

Several online metal detector specialists offer factory-refurbished, used and open-box return models at discount prices on specialty lists. These include Kellyco Metal Detectors, as well as More » Hobbies & Games
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Reviews of the XLT Spectrum metal detector are extremely positive. Most owners, including those who have purchased various other detectors, rate it among the best available on the market. As of October 2015, the XLT Spec... More » Hobbies & Games

Some tips for metal detecting include choosing the right metal detector for the job, acquiring the correct tools and starting out in the backyard for practice. These strategies can help novice metal detectors begin searc... More » Hobbies & Games

Some tips for metal detecting are to learn how properly to swing your metal detector and to learn how to dig up stuff you find. Properly swinging your metal detector ensures that you give the machine time to find desired... More » Hobbies & Games

A metal detector can be purchased from a wide variety of retailers and individual sellers in the United Kingdom. For instance, Tesco direct offers several varieties of metal detectors ranging from ?21.18 to ?85.00. More » Hobbies & Games