You can build a magnetic motor by utilizing a cylinder on a rotor and several magnets. By capitalizing on the repellent forces of magnetic poles, it is possible to create a machine in constant motion with the capabilitie... More » Science Physics Magnetism

To make an electric motor generator, attach a power source, such as a small gasoline engine, to the shaft of a permanent magnet electric motor. Determine whether an electric motor is a permanent magnet electric motor by ... More » Home & Garden Home Maintenance Electrical

Building a magnetic generator involves inserting a nail through the centers of two cardboard circles so the circles are 1.5 inches apart, insulating the nail between the circles, winding an insulated copper wire on the i... More » Science Physics Magnetism
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In addition to the simple magnets on the refrigerator that hold up photos, coupons or shopping lists, magnets (often electromagnets) are also found in virtually any electric device or appliance with a motor, transformer,... More » Science Physics Magnetism

To make a magnetic levitation car, first carve a polystyrene block into the shape of a car and glue magnets on the bottom with the negative side facing down, then create the track by gluing magnets with the negative side... More » Science Physics Magnetism

All magnets have both a north and a south pole, which causes them to either repel or attract one another depending on how the two poles are lined up. If the north pole of one magnet meets the south pole of another, the t... More » Science Physics Magnetism

Testing different magnets to determine their strength or building a linear accelerator with magnets are some science projects using magnets that are appropriate for children. Experiments such as these are available on Ho... More » Science Physics Magnetism