To build a shed foundation, dig a 6-inch deep trench supported by wooden inserts, and layer the trench with crushed gravel, sand and concrete. You need a tape measure, stakes, string, a garden spade and a tamper. More » Home & Garden Home Maintenance Carpentry

To build a storage shed ramp, attach a ledger board to the shed, and dig an area for the concrete block foundation of the ramp before setting the concrete blocks and attaching a support board. Then, cut and anchor the ra... More » Home & Garden Outdoor

Homeowners build a shed from a kit by creating a solid foundation, framing the walls, installing roof trusses, adding shingles and then placing the windows and doors. The exact process used in these steps varies by kit m... More » Home & Garden Outdoor
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Building a brick retaining wall involves digging a trench for the wall's footing, installing the wall footing and laying brick rows. Cleaning the brick faces with a wire brush completes the process. More » Home & Garden Home Maintenance Carpentry

For attractive deck railing, try building a wooden railing around the porch and adding stained glass inserts to reflect sunlight. A curved wooden rail with double ballasts is another good idea, notes More » Home & Garden Home Maintenance Carpentry

Any good container home plan begins with designing a foundation. Apply for a permit from your area’s building authority before building a container home. To build a container home, you must plan the modifications to be m... More » Home & Garden Home Maintenance Carpentry

The process of squaring a building involves marking the four corners of the foundation with posts after installing batter boards and strings along the foundation site and measuring the distance between opposing corners. ... More » Home & Garden Home Maintenance Carpentry