You can build your own travel trailer by following plans that can be obtained from a specialty company, such as Glen-L RV Plans, or by starting with a small flat-bed trailer and doing the design work yourself. Either way... More » Vehicles

To build a camping trailer, use a small trailer, such as a tow-behind boat trailer, as a base, and weld supports at the front and rear of the trailer. Frame the wall with two-by-four boards, and form the walls and floor ... More » Sports & Active Lifestyle Outdoor Adventure Camping

It is possible to build a motorcycle trailer. People can also build camper trailers for motorcycles on their own, as long as they have access to the proper tools and materials. More » Vehicles
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To find free plans for building a wooden canoe, visit Do It Yourself Wooden Boat, or Absolutely Free Plans. These sources offer a wide selection of no-cost wooden canoe building plans, including d... More » Vehicles

The number of people who can comfortably sleep in a pop-up travel trailer depends on a trailer's size and floor plan. Different pop-up camper models can sleep anywhere from four to 12 people. More » Vehicles

Safari Trek mostly offers class A, toy hauler, toy hauler fifth wheel and travel trailer motorhome types. Safari Trek also sells class C, pop-up campers and fifth wheel motorhomes, as of 2016. More » Vehicles

A fifth wheel camper offers the space of a recreational vehicle (RV) with the low maintenance of a travel trailer. These campers are designed as more stable tow along vehicles compared to the older travel trailer design. More » Vehicles