Build a storage bench seat by constructing and trimming out the seat box and installing the seat lid. The project is estimated to take 18 hours and requires a circular saw, reciprocating saw, miter saw, stud finder, leve... More » Home & Garden Furniture Seating

To build a bench, create the shoulders, add spacer blocks and the legs, drill bore holes, and glue the parts together. You need five pieces of 2-by-4-by-8-feet lumber, a piece of 1-by-4-by-4-feet lumber, and a piece of 4... More » Home & Garden Furniture Seating

Use a building plan to determine which materials and tools you need. Build a picnic table with hinges so the table flips over one bench, bringing the two benches next to each other to form a wide seat, and the bottom of ... More » Home & Garden Furniture
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Building a padded storage bench only takes a few tools and materials. Make sure you have fabric shears and a staple gun along with batting, fabric, muslin, open-cell foam, spray adhesive and staples. More » Home & Garden Furniture Seating

Options for building a bench include converting a bookshelf or bed frame into seating or building one from scratch. The bookshelf bench is a relatively easy conversion that is a good beginner woodworking project. However... More » Home & Garden Furniture Seating

Some easy wood benches to build include a wooden bench with slats painted a rainbow of colors and a wooden bench set over three antique chairs. As of 2015, pictures of these benches along with several others are availabl... More » Home & Garden Furniture Seating

Building a deck bench involves determining the bench measurements, cutting wood material according to the measurements, assembling the wood pieces into a bench, and gluing plywood on the bench seat and backrest. Painting... More » Home & Garden Furniture Seating