To make a balloon car, cut a half-gallon milk carton in half to make the car body, attach spool wheels to straw axles inserted through the sides of the carton and put a balloon in through a hole in the back. The car will... More » Holidays & Celebrations Party Planning

To make a fast balloon car, attach four straws together, and wrap the end of a balloon around all four. Attach the entire contraption to your car. More »

A balloon car is easy to construct by using an empty water bottle to form the chassis, or the car's body, and mounting a balloon on it to power the vehicle. The balloon provides the necessary jet power for the balloon ca... More » Hobbies & Games Toys

To make a mousetrap car, add eyehooks and dowels for the axles and metal washers for the wheels. To safely set the trap, wind string around the back axle and the lever. More » Hobbies & Games Toys

To make a paper car, roll a piece of paper into a cylinder, then attach wheels to it at the ends and put a seat through a hole on the top. Decorate the car with stickers, if desired. More »

Game board walkways, balloon lollipops, candy wall decor, personalized banners and colorful candy centerpieces are some good decoration ideas for a Candyland-themed birthday party. A variety of already-made Candyland par... More » Holidays & Celebrations Party Planning

Helium tanks are available from industrial suppliers, party balloon companies and online retailers. For example, Praxair in the United States sells helium in a range of purities to suit different applications. BallroomBa... More »