Unfortunately, many birds hide illness and tend to exhibit signs of illness only when they are very sick. The average life span of a budgie is around nine years, and common bird illnesses can cause them to pass away earl... More » Pets & Animals Birds

Tips for caring for pet budgies include maintaining a clean cage supplied with bird-safe accessories, protecting the bird from environmental hazards, watching carefully for signs of illness and providing opportunities fo... More » Pets & Animals Pets Pet Birds

Pigeons lack external sex organs, and like many birds, they utilize a cloaca to reproduce rather than dedicated organs such as a penis or vagina. They also do not differ in plumage depending on sex, as many other birds d... More »

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Augustus died of illness in Nola on Aug. 19 in 14 A.D., one month short of his 76th birthday. He was crossing to Capri from Rome with his heir, Tiberius, when he became sick. More »

Johannes Kepler died in Regensburg, Germany on November 15, 1630, after a short battle with an illness, most likely a fever. His death occurred while he was on his way home to Sagan, Germany to collect a debt. More »

Budgies are usually referred to as "tamed" when they have been trained to step onto a human finger on cue and sit quietly. This normally takes about two weeks but varies with the individual bird. More »

A budgie parakeet does not attempt to talk until it is about 3 months old. However, the bird is learning during that time, and short phrases should be spoken to it often. More »