Brussels is in the northern part of Belgium. Brussels is Belgium's capital and the de facto capital of the European Union. It is located about 60 kilometers from the North Sea in the valley of the Senne River, and it is ... More » Geography Europe

A Brussels Griffon may have either a smooth coat or a rough coat, depending on the breed. Whereas a rough-coated Brussels Griffon has no secondary name, a Brussels Griffon with a smooth coat is known as a Petit Brabancon... More » Pets & Animals Pets Dogs

To grow Brussels sprouts, plant the seedlings in the garden during midsummer, fertilize the soil 3 weeks after planting, pull any weeds out by hand and harvest the sprouts once they are 1-inch in diameter. If the sprouts... More » Home & Garden Gardening & Landscapes Outdoor Plants & Flowers

The center of Brussels, Belgium, is traditionally a very busy place on New Year's Eve, according to the City of Brussels. Many people gather on the Place de Brouckère, or the Grand Place, to watch the New Year's Eve coun... More »

The capital city of France is Paris, the capital of the Netherlands is Amsterdam, the capital of Germany is Berlin, the capital of Austria is Vienna and the capital of Belgium is Brussels. Western Europe is loosely defin... More »

Brussels sprouts are named for the capital city of the country in which they first became popular, Brussels, Belgium. In Belgium, Brussels sprouts have been grown since the 13th century. More »

Modern-day Brussels sprouts originated in the country of Belgium. This vegetable began to be cultivated in Belgium in the late 1500s. More »