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It goes together in minutes with canned sweet potatoes, which is ideal for the busy holiday ... Buttery Sweet Potato Casserole Recipe photo by Taste of Home.


Canned yams are glazed with butter and brown sugar, topped with marshmallow, and baked in this satisfying Thanksgiving classic.


Nov 9, 2016 - During the Thanksgiving holidays, Bruce's sells millions of cans of yams, making Bruce's Yams America's #1 selling yam!


Jul 25, 2020 ... Just simple ingredients and really good food. NOW FOR THIS RECIPE: SWEET POTATO COBBLER 1 40 OZ. CAN BRUCE'S CANNED YAMS ( ...


Mar 1, 2011 ... Mad Genius created this TV Spot for Bruce Foods and their Bruce's Yams brand sweet potatoes, using 70's retro-cool B-movies as inspiration. Yam Right! http...


Nov 8, 2017 - Here is a quick candied yams recipe. enjoy! ... Add pineapple Bruce's quick and easy candied yams recipe Can Yams Recipe, Stove Top Candied.


Prep time, serving amount & detailed instructions Drain liquid from 1 40 oz. can Bruce Sweet Potatoes in Syrup. Place in baking dish. sprinkle with pecan halves.


Bruce's Original Recipe Yam Glaze Sauce Mix · 1. Heat canned yams in their syrup. Drain and reserve liquid. · 2. Pour 1/2 cup (4 fl oz) water into a microwaveab...


Quick Candied Yams recipe: Try this Quick Candied Yams recipe, or contribute ... 1 40 Oz Can Bruce's Cut Yams; 1/2 Cup Butter; 2/3 Cup White or Brown Sugar ...


Nov 18, 2019 ... When making this recipe, I saved some time by using Glory Foods Honey Carrots and Bruce's Yams. I love Glory Foods because their products ...


Heat oven to 350°F. · Place Bruce's Yams Cut Sweet Potatoes in a shallow baking dish; set aside. · Combine butter, sugar and syrup in a small saucepan. Bring to...