The names of some brown hair dye shades are espresso, chocolate brown, dark golden brown, medium ash brown and dark reddish brown. Hair dye names may vary from one manufacturer to the next. More » Beauty & Fashion Hair Hair Color

To lighten your hair from black to light brown, apply a shampoo cap to all the hair, process it, rinse and condition the hair, and tone the underlying red tones. Lightening hair takes roughly 2 hours and requires hair bl... More »

The top-rated hair dye is Clairol Natural Instincts in brown or red tones, according to Good Housekeeping. L'Oréal ColorSpa Moisture Actif in chestnut reddish brown is also recommended. More » Beauty & Fashion Hair Hair Color

Dark brown hair dye can be lighten using a clarifying shampoo or natural products, such as baby oil, lime, hydrogen peroxide and chamomile tea. Many women go to the salon to try to turn their hair darker but, when the to... More »

Ashy blonde highlights work well with light brown hair, while caramel highlights work well for dark brown hair. Highlights also look better when the wearer chooses a color tone that matches her skin. More » Beauty & Fashion Hair Hair Color

Sandy brown hair color is a light brown color that is a mix of brown and blonde hair, explains Allure. People with this hair color may have medium brown hair as the dominate color, with lighter sections of hair that diff... More »

An easy way to remove red tones from brown hair is to use a blue shampoo and a color-depositing ash rinse. This 30-minute procedure requires a hairbrush, blue shampoo, color-depositing ash rinse, a shower cap, latex glov... More »