It is not possible to repair a broken tooth at home, and when a tooth breaks, an individual must see a dentist as soon as possible, according to WebMD. This helps ensure the tooth does not sustain further damage or infec... More » Health Dental

Depending on the damage to the French door, the options for repair include replacing the glass on the door, replacing the entire door, or if it is a double French door, replacing the pair. Smaller repair issues may requi... More » Home & Garden Doors, Windows, & Locks

Apple offers screen damage repair in-store and by mail with cost depending on if the owner has Apple Care or not. There are also third-party screen repair shops available. More » Technology Mobile
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Natural gum treatment is a series of treatments that can be performed at home and that use only natural materials to treat gum disease; however, gum diseases must also be treated by a dentist, reports Prevention and WebM... More » Health Dental

Tooth bonding is a dental procedure wherein a dentist bonds a tooth-colored resin to the natural tooth using a special light to harden the material, notes WebMD. The procedure improves the look of a patient's natural tee... More » Health Dental

A dentist can fix a tooth that has been knocked loose by joining it to a firm tooth next to it. The loose tooth must be held firmly in place so that the bone around the tooth can heal. This process is known as using a sp... More » Health Dental

Seeing a dentist is the most effective way to relieve tooth pain, as dentists treat the underlying cause of the pain. Patients can use over-the-counter medications and home remedies to temporarily relieve tooth pain whil... More » Health Dental