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Make a splint for a broken index finger with a pen or Popsicle stick. Lay the pen or Popsicle stick alongside the finger, wrapping tape around both of them to form the splint, directs WebMD.


There are four kinds of splints: soft splints, hard splints, air or vacuum splints and traction splints. In general, splints are used to reduce pain and to avoid further damage to vessels and nerves. The kind of splint used depends on the nature of injury.


To put a temporary splint on a broken pinky finger, place a pen next to the finger, then wrap something around it to hold the finger in place, says WebMD. A popsicle stick also works in place of the pen. This is only a temporary splint to be used until the individual ca...


Medical splints are used to protect an injured body part from further injury or keep an injured body part from moving, explains Healthline. They are mostly used to stabilize broken bones as the injured person is taken the health care facility for further treatment. When...


Splinting a dog's broken toe requires applying a dressing and padding to the surface of the injured area, placing a splint over the area to be protected, then applying more layers of bandage material, says VCA Animal Hospitals. The metal, wood or plastic splint can be c...


The burning splint test is used to check for the presence of a combustible gas, most commonly hydrogen. To carry out the test, you will first need to collect the gas in a test tube and light a wooden splint. If you hear a squeaky pop sound, then the gas in question is h...


A broken foot may demonstrate obvious deformity, according to Mayo Clinic. Swelling and bruising are also common symptoms. Any foot pain that lasts more than two or three days warrants a visit to a physician for evaluation, even if the foot looks normal.