According to Collins Dictionary, a bridal shower is a party that is held in honor of the bride before she is married. It is customary to provide personal gifts to the bride at the bridal shower. More »

Plan a bridal shower by picking a date, organizing the guest list and invitations, choosing food and drinks and planning activities. Bridal showers may be hosted by anyone, and the hostess may ask other people to help he... More » Holidays & Celebrations Weddings

Traditionally, a bridal shower is organized and planned by the maid-of-honor for a bride-to-be. Whoever is hosting the party is responsible for the expense. If the maid-of-honor is hosting the party, she may pay for the ... More » Holidays & Celebrations Weddings

The order of entrance for a bridal party is mother of the bride, bridesmaids, maid of honor, flower girl, ring bearer and then bride. There are times when the bridesmaids are walked down the aisle arm in arm with the gro... More » Holidays & Celebrations Weddings

The chief attendant of the bride, in Western wedding customs, is referred to as the "maid of honor" if unmarried and the "matron of honor" if married. She walks down the aisle in the wedding procession alone after the ot... More »

A maid of honor's speech at a wedding reception typically includes an expression of gratitude for being involved in the wedding, a short anecdote about the maid of honor's relationship with the bride, a positive statemen... More » Holidays & Celebrations Weddings

A maid of honor has many responsibilities before the wedding day, and her tasks involving helping the bride. The maid of honor is the support system and helper to the bride to be. More » Holidays & Celebrations Weddings