To do a Brazilian wax at home, prepare a clean working space, clean the waxing area, trim the hair and wax the hair in small sections. People with skin conditions or immune system conditions should avoid doing their own ... More » Beauty & Fashion Hair Removal

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To get rid of upper lip hair, purchase a home waxing kit, wash your face, apply wax and wax strips to your upper lip area, and pull off the strips. Clean the remaining wax from your face and apply a soothing product. More » Beauty & Fashion Hair Removal

A Brazilian wax is a waxing procedure that removes hair from the front of the bikini area as well as the buttocks area and the genital area. There is traditionally a strip of hair left on the front area, but clients have... More » Beauty & Fashion Hair Removal

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To give yourself a bikini wax, buy a waxing kit, ensure the hair is long enough, apply the wax and allow it to cool, and remove the wax. Remove any remaining hair by pulling it out with tweezers. Wash off any left over w... More » Beauty & Fashion Hair Removal