Brazil's monetary system is based on the Brazilian real (BRL). Brazilian coins, called centavos, are worth a percentage of the real. Paper money is in multiples of reals. More » Business & Finance Personal Banking

To apply for a visa to Brazil, you need a visa form, passport, passport photo, proof of consular jurisdiction, a round-trip ticket and proof of funds. Make an appointment at a Brazilian consulate or mail in the items. If... More » Geography

As of 2015, the largest supermarket chain in Brazil is Companhia Brasileira de Distribuição. Carrefour Comércio e Indústria Ltda and Wal-Mart Brasil Ltda are numbers two and three, respectively. In total, there are more ... More » Food Grocery
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To send an inmate money using the Maricopa Touch Pay system, click the "Make Deposit" button on Maricopa's home page, sign into the portal or sign up for a new account and add money to the inmate's trust account. Users m... More » Business & Finance Personal Banking

According to Encyclopedia Britannica, the weather in Brazil varies from a humid tropical climate to a dry climate depending on the region. The Northeast region of Brazil generally has much less precipitation than other p... More » Geography South America

Pedro Alvarez Cabral discovered Brazil on April 22, 1500. He had been attempting to sail from Portugal east around Africa to India, but winds carried him much further west than he calculated. More » Geography South America

Some of the things Brazil is known for most are coffee and festivals. Brazilian coffee is exported all around the globe, and Brazil's festivals are attended by tourists from many countries. Brazil is also known worldwide... More » Geography South America