Private Spring Water is the leading national supplier, as of 2014. Dasani bottled water took second selling 0.92 billion dollars worth of bottled water. Nestle Water Pure Life was third at 0.9 billion. In 2014 the number... More » Business & Finance Industries

Consumers are able to compare brands of bottled water by the source and the purity of the water. Sources of bottled water are generally listed on the bottle, and studies by federal, state and private agencies and organiz... More » Food Beverages

Many bottled waters do not use fluoride, including Agromas Natural Mineral Water, Alhambra, Aqua Pure, Belmont Springs, Cascade, Century, Crystal Springs, Deer Park, Elite, Evian, Fresh Market, HINT, Ice Mountain, Krysta... More » Food Grocery
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Water towers store water for delivery to homes and businesses. The height of the water tower is critical to delivering water. As the height of the tower increases, the water pressure also increases. More » Business & Finance Industries

Water prices are determined by the process used for consumer delivery, along with a variety of other factors such as availability, brand, location of sale and container size. Tanker trucks, pipelines and bottles are comm... More » Business & Finance Industries

Water that has turbidity (muddy particles and bacteria) can be treated through an assortment of applications. Federal and local laws require all surface water to contain a proper filtration system to remove excess turbid... More » Business & Finance Industries

American solar panel brands include SunEdison, First Solar, GreenBrilliance USA, Renogy and Trans-Pacific Energy. Solar panels harvest the sun's energy and convert it into electricity. More » Business & Finance Industries