Branches of agriculture include aqua farming, farming, apiculture or beekeeping, fishing, forestry, ranching and whaling. Forestry is further divided into the four categories of agroforestry, analog forestry, forest gard... More »

There are numerous sources for the history of American agriculture, including the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), the Smithsonian's American History Museum, Google Scholar, or a specific university's hist... More » Business & Finance Industries Agriculture

There are multiple branches of biology, including agriculture, anatomy, genetics, biochemistry, botany and zoology. Each branch of biology studies a specific aspect of nature and living organisms. More »

Traditional agriculture is a type of farming that uses techniques developed over decades or centuries to ensure good, sustainable yield over time in a specific area or region. Traditional farms are based around mixed cro... More »

Inorganic farming, more commonly referred to as non-organic farming, is the contrasting method of agriculture to organic farming. Non-organic farming uses pesticides, chemicals and synthetic fertilizers to grow produce f... More »

Subsistence farming is a form of agriculture that is intended to provide a self-sufficient lifestyle for the farmers and their families. The livestock and crops are harvested in order to support family requirements only,... More »

Subsistence agriculture is a farming practice meant to provide self-sufficiency for farmers and their families. It is meant to provide all they need to live simply and comfortably. More »