Braided hair extensions are artificial hair products that can make natural hair appear longer. They attach to existing hair by adding them to hanging braids or by using thread to sew them into braids that run along the s... More »

Some braided hairstyles include the classic French braid, waterfall braid, fishtail braid and simple plaited hair. Braided hair designs for African-American hair include Marley twists, cornrow updos and jumbo braids. More »

Synthetic hair extensions may be washed like natural hair with the caveat that they must never be exposed to hot water. Extensions should also not be brushed or combed while wet, according to More »

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To wash hair extensions, comb the extensions to remove tangles, and wash the extensions with shampoo. Rinse the extensions, blot out the excess water, apply conditioner, and then air dry the extensions. You need a comb, ... More »

Remy hair is the highest quality human hair, which is popular for making wigs and hair extensions. It achieves a natural look, because all the follicles go in the same direction, and the cuticles are kept intact. More »

To put in hair extensions, wash and style the natural hair as usual. Divide hair into 2-inch sections, backcomb the hair near the scalp, and clip in the hair extensions. Smooth and blend your natural hair into the extens... More »

European hair extensions are sold online on the Virgin Hair and Beauty website. This company supplies European hair extensions worldwide and sources the hair from Italy, Russia and other nearby countries. Dirty Looks is ... More »