Brackish water is water that has some salt content but not as much salt as sea water. Water that is not fresh water or salt water is called brackish. More » Geography Bodies of Water

A Figure Eight puffer fish, or Tetraodon biocellatus, is a freshwater fish originating from Thailand, Borneo, Sumatra and the Malaysian Peninsula. They are dark brown or greenish brown on the top, have a white underbelly... More »

Puffer fish have many attempted predators, but only a few animals, such as tiger sharks and sea snakes, are unaffected by the tetrodotoxin that occurs naturally in most puffer fish. Puffer fish are sometimes eaten by hum... More »

The Persian Gulf contains the warmest sea water in the world at 35 degrees Celsius. The Red Sea follows with a temperature of 32 degrees Celsius. More »

The Dead Sea has such a high concentration of salt that few forms of life are able to live in it, which is why it is called “dead.” Only microbes are able to survive its intense salinity. More » Geography Bodies of Water

Traditionally, the number seven in relation to seas is used to refer to all the oceans and seas in the world; however, over a hundred bodies of water possess the name sea. All but four seas are a part of or connect to la... More »

At 20 degrees Celsius, the dynamic, or absolute, viscosity of water is 1.002*10-3, or 0.001002, Pa.s. The kinematic viscosity of water is 1.004*10-6, or 0.0001004 m2 s-1. More »