In math, brackets are used to group numbers and expressions together and to represent multiplication in expressions that already contain parenthesis. If expressions contain brackets, the numbers within the parenthesis ar... More » Math Algebra

No one has ever come close to filling out a perfect NCAA bracket. In 2010, a 17-year-old autistic boy reportedly had all 48 games correct heading into the Sweet 16, before the tournament differed from his bracket. His cl... More » Sports & Active Lifestyle Classic Sports Basketball

In mathematics, inequalities are a set of five symbols used to demonstrate instances where one value is not the same as another value. The five symbols are described as "not equal to," "greater than," "greater than or eq... More » Math Algebra
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An expression is a group of connected numbers, operations such as addition and multiplication, and unknown variables represented by letters of the alphabet. It differs from an equation in that it does not contain an equa... More » Math Algebra

Factoring in algebra involves finding the factors of numbers and expressions by simplifying the equation. The process may be more complex depending on the difficulty of the sum. This is a similar process to splitting a l... More » Math Algebra

Imaginary numbers are typically simplified in the same way that expressions with the variable x are simplified, with the exception of the expression i^2, which has a value equal to -1. For example, the expression 2i + 8i... More » Math Algebra

Use formulas to solve problems by substituting numbers or expressions for the variables. This can entail rearranging the formula so that the required variable is on one side of the equation. More » Math Algebra