Both Igloo and YETI manufacture coolers that are suitable options for bottled water, as well as other beverages. Some specific coolers Igloo produces include the 50-quart Yukon Cold Locker and 70-quart Yukon Cold Locker.... More » Food Beverages

The most common types of drinking water dispensers are mounted, point of use and bottled. Mounted water dispensers are typically intended for public use, such as drinking fountains in parks, schools and retail stores. More » Home & Garden Appliances

Clean and sanitize a water cooler using a solution of 1 teaspoon of unscented bleach in a gallon of water. Unplug the cooler, remove the bottle and drain the unit before cleaning. Apply the solution with a lint-free towe... More » Home & Garden Cleaning

Some highly rated brands of bottled water are Poland Spring, Smartwater, Aquafina, Fiji water, and Voss. These bottled water brands claim to be fresh and contain natural minerals. More »

Dasani products include bottled water, sparkling water, Drops flavor enhancers and flavored water, as of 2015. Dasani’s bottled water comes in multiple bottle sizes, including 20- and 24-ounce individual bottles and 1- a... More » Food Beverages

Glass bottled water does not contain any health benefits over plastic bottled water, according to and a Spanish study presented by However, Finewaters notes that higher end water such as Voss is ... More » Food Beverages

Perrier differs from standard bottled water because it contains naturally occurring carbonation from its source in Vergèze, France. The actual bottle that Perrier comes in is made from 100-percent recycled glass. More » Food Beverages