Some good containers that can be used for bottle recycling include wheeled recycling carts, trash cans, small recycling bins or plastic bags, notes Individual locations may have their own requirements r... More » Home & Garden Furniture Cabinets & Storage

While most medicine bottles are technically recyclable because they are made of polypropylene, they are often too small to be recycled by communities that use curbside pickup recycling programs. When this is the case, th... More » Science Environmental Science

To find the highest paying recycling centers in your area, search the Yellow Pages or Earth911 to find recycling centers, then contact each company and request buying prices for the items you're recycling. Earth911 allow... More » Business & Finance Industries
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For residential homeowners, Rubbermaid makes covered indoor waste cans, open indoor waste baskets, outdoor trash cans and recycling bins. Commercially, Rubbermaid makes a wide variety of waste containers, including indoo... More » Home & Garden Furniture Cabinets & Storage

To organize your bedroom with plastic stackable storage bins, use each bin for a certain type of item, label the bins and stack the bins according to how often you need to access them. Measure the storage areas of your b... More » Home & Garden Furniture Cabinets & Storage

Mobile storage containers come in metal, wood, plastic or fiberglass. The storage containers also come in different sizes and styles. PODS is one brand of mobile storage, while Door to Door is another. More » Home & Garden Furniture Cabinets & Storage

To eliminate fruit flies, remove any ripening fruit from the counters and clean the inside of trash cans and recycling bins. Place fly traps in the areas where fruit flies flourish, such as on counter tops, near sink dra... More » Home & Garden Pest Control Invasive Insects