Choose Boss' Day gifts by planning in advance and getting to know what the boss likes and doesn't like. The more planning put into the gift, the more he feels appreciated, and the less the giver looks as though he doesn'... More » Holidays & Celebrations Gift Giving

Messages to write for Boss's Day include "I appreciate all that you do" and "You're the best type of boss." If the writer and his boss have a close relationship, he can write "Thanks for bringing out the best in me" or "... More » Holidays & Celebrations

Special days to celebrate in October include World Smile Day, Bosses Day and Sweetest Day. World Smile Day celebrates the popular yellow smiley face created by Harvey Ball in 1963. The day's intent is to make one person ... More » Holidays & Celebrations Holidays

When the holidays roll around, employees should give their male bosses a gift that is professional, understated and shows thought, such as a great business book, an automatic electric wine opener, a bottle of wine or a t... More » Holidays & Celebrations Gift Giving

Good poems for bosses include "Poem 2," "Appreciation on Boss's Day" and "It's great to have a boss like you." These poems are written by individuals and hosted on multiple websites for users to access and use as needed ... More » Art & Literature Literature Poetry

Some good ideas for Mother's Day gifts include spa supplies, a gardening basket, books or a photo album. Another good idea is a mother and daughter, or mother and son, outing to the movies. The child buys movie tickets, ... More » Holidays & Celebrations Gift Giving

Every year on February 14, people pass out Valentine's Day gifts that represent the special affection held for loved ones and friends. There are a few ways to make sure the gift chosen is thoughtful. More »