Activate a Boost Mobile compatible phone on's activation page by entering the device's ESN number or IMEI. After entering a valid ESN you may choose to bring an existing number to your Boost Mobile accoun... More » Technology Mobile

To change a Boost Mobile phone number, contact Boost Mobile Customer Support. As of April 2015, the toll-free General Support number is 1-866-402-7366 and is open Monday to Friday from 4 a.m. to 8 p.m. PST and Saturday a... More » Technology Mobile

Activate your Boost Mobile phone online using your information and the ESN or MEID number that came with your phone. Online activation provides options for choosing a number and a mobile plan and making a payment without... More » Technology Mobile
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A map of Boost Mobile's coverage is available at Click on the Coverage Map link at the top of the page to view Boost Mobile's areas of voice and data coverage. More » Technology Mobile

A Boost Mobile coverage map is available on, as of July 2015. The map provides coverage information for Boost Mobile's voice and data programs. More » Technology Mobile

Boost Mobile has information about its text messaging plans available on As of April 2015, Boost Mobile offers unlimited talk and text with its monthly and daily plans. More » Technology Mobile

Boost Mobile does not have a phone upgrade program as of March 2015, but customers may purchase and switch to a new Boost Mobile phone at any time. Among the phones carried by Boost Mobile are Samsung Galaxy S5, Apple iP... More » Technology Mobile