Boost Mobile does not offer free phones, but the company gives new customers credit toward an account when they switch from their previous phone plan to Boost Mobile. The savings may be a limited-time promotion, so users... More »

There is no way to legally keep the data and cell service active on a Boost Mobile phone without paying the bill each month. While the phone itself will stay on and use the Internet with Wi-Fi, it won't make calls or acc... More »

The top five mobile phone companies are Verizon, coming in at number one, T-mobile at number two, followed by Sprint and AT&T at three and four, respectively, and Cricket Wireless at number five, as of 2015, according to... More » Technology Mobile

To access the My Account feature of the Boost Mobile website, you have to have a phone plan with the company and enter your phone number and four-digit account pin into the login page. Boost Mobile provides you with the ... More »

As of 2016, Boost Mobile customers with Android devices can download the free Zedge app through the Google Play Store to acquire free ringtones. also offers a wide selection of free ringtones for Boost Mob... More » Technology Mobile

Subscribers can pay their Boost Mobile phone bills with cash through the company's mobile stores, payment centers and accredited retail partners. In addition, Boost Mobile accepts payment over the phone or through its of... More »

Boost Mobile does not have a phone upgrade program as of March 2015, but customers may purchase and switch to a new Boost Mobile phone at any time. Among the phones carried by Boost Mobile are Samsung Galaxy S5, Apple iP... More »