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The Kenton County Jail Tracker provides information about inmates in the Kenton County Detention Center. The tracker provides the first, middle and last names of every person in the facility, as well as each individual's booking date.


Like most counties in the United States, Boone County, Kentucky, has its tax assessment records available online. The Boone County Property Valuation Assessor website, boonepva.ky.gov, has a property search tool with which to locate property assessment records by address or owner name.


County jail phone numbers are usually located using a telephone search service such as Yellowpages.com or Whitepages.com, searching for key terms such as jail, prison or detention center, along with the appropriate region, according to the respective websites. Alternatively, contacting city governme


Information about inmates housed in the Orange County, California jail can be found online at OCSD.org by hovering the mouse over the "How Do I" link at the top of the home page, then clicking on "Locate an Inmate" under the "Get Inmate Information" heading. This directs users to the inmate search p


County jails and prisons have a handful of differences that range from function to environment, according to HG.org. Most notably, county jails serve short-term inmates, while prisons house those who have been sentenced to more significant crimes and spend longer periods of time behind bars.


The Travis County Jail is located at 3614 Bill Price Road in Del Valle, Texas, and has the phone number (512) 854-9770 and fax number (512) 854-9722, as of 2015. Office hours are Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.


The best way to find someone in the Dallas County Jail is by calling the jail directly and asking if that person is an inmate there. You can also search online at the jail's website, or you can go to the Dallas County Jail in person. Make sure that you have the relevant information you need such as


Call the sheriff's office or visit the county sheriff's website to find out the visiting hours for the local county jail. Occasionally, the website of the county sheriff's office is a page on the county's website.


The Pike County Correctional Facility in Pennsylvania has a physical address at 175 Pike County Blvd., Lords Valley, Pa. The jail operates office hours from 7:30 a.m. to 4 p.m., Monday through Friday, as of October 2014. The public calls the building at (570) 775-5500. The correctional center houses


The Warren County Regional Jail in Kentucky provides current and past jail records of inmates on its online information system. The county's lookup tool includes the inmate's name, age, court date and a photo.