Some popular books by the award-winning author Sidney Sheldon include his first novel from 1970, "The Naked Face," for which he won an Edgar Allan Poe Award for First Best Novel from the Mystery Writers of America, as we... More » Art & Literature Literature

Sidney Sheldon's autobiography, "The Other Side of Me," focuses on his childhood, his rise through Hollywood, his Unites States Army training and the issues he dealt with in his personal life. The biggest reveal in the b... More » Art & Literature

The Sidney Sheldon biography, "The Other Side of Me," can be purchased online through in both print and electronic format. It is also carried by physical book stores, including Barnes & Noble. More » Art & Literature Literature Non-fiction
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"If Tomorrow Comes," The Best Laid Plans" and "The Stars Shine Down" are some popular novels by Sidney Sheldon, states Smashing Lists. Other popular novels by this author include "Tell Me Your Dreams" and "Bloodline." More » Art & Literature Literature Fiction

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