The author of the book of Revelation is a man named John, who was a Christian exiled to Patmos because of his faith. The author does not claim to be John the Apostle who wrote one of the Bible's four gospels. More »

The earthquake described in Revelation would have met or exceeded 8.9, the largest seismic activity scientists have been able to measure since the creation of the Richter scale in 1935. It's magnitude can only be theoriz... More » Science Earth Science Earthquakes

The author of the last book in the New Testament, The Book of Revelation to John, was most likely a disciple of John the Apostle. The author of Revelation called himself John and referred to the apostle's teachings, but ... More » World View Religion The Bible

While there is more than one way to read the Bible in chronological order, most methods begin with the books written by Moses and end with the letters of John and the book of Revelation. While the first and last book of ... More »

The Bible begins with the creation of Earth and the universe at an undefined time, and ends with John receiving his Revelation. Other major events in a Bible timeline include Abraham's life, Israel's trek from Egypt to t... More »

The apostle Paul is widely considered to be the author of the book of Romans, but it was his scribe, Tertius, who actually wrote the book. Paul dictated what went into the letter, but Tertius had control over the form, s... More » World View Religion The Bible

The shortest book in the Bible by word count is 3 John, with only 219 words in the Bible's original language. The second-shortest book by word count, 2 John, has 245 words, but it has fewer verses than 3 John. 3 John has... More »