A good corn chowder recipe sautes garlic, celery, carrots and onion in butter and bacon grease before adding flour, chicken stock, corn, potato and seasonings to simmer. Milk is added towards the end. More » Food Cooking

Simmer corn kernels, crab meat and vegetables with chicken broth and whipping cream to make a rich and comforting corn and crab chowder according to the instructions on A light and simple corn and crab cho... More » Food Cooking

The creamy corn chowder recipe from Betty Crocker is a good recipe that is also easy to make. Bacon, vegetables and herbs add flavor and fullness to this dish. More » Food Cooking
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An easy recipe for creamy potato soup calls for potatoes, celery ribs, onion, water, chicken bouillon, butter, flour, salt, pepper and milk. Shredded cheddar cheese and sour cream are optional toppings that can be used f... More » Food Cooking

The main ingredients in New England clam chowder recipes are bacon, clams, onions, garlic, heavy cream, butter, celery, potatoes, bay leaves, black pepper and salt. These ingredients are combined to create a cream-potato... More » Food Cooking

Rachael Ray's Roasted Squash Soup requires a butternut squash, extra virgin olive oil, butter, carrots, celery and onion, along with nutmeg, garlic, honey, lemon and orange zest, and chicken stock. Also, use toasted pist... More » Food Cooking

Old-fashioned corn chowder is made from a blend of fresh corn, potatoes, onion, butter and milk. Like many other chowder recipes, it is traditionally served with crackers. More » Food Cooking