Some of the common symptoms that bone marrow cancers cause are bone pain, weakness or fatigue, weight loss, and fever. While these symptoms occur with multiple myeloma and leukemia, patients may experience other symptoms... More »

The earliest symptoms of bone cancer are swelling and pain where the tumor has started to grow. At first, the pain may be intermittent, but it will increase and become more steady as time goes by. Swelling in nearby soft... More »

Pain and tenderness are usually the first symptoms of bone cancer, according to the University of New Mexico Cancer Center. The American Cancer Society describes the pain as intermittent at first, and it could be worse a... More »

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Common symptoms of leukemia include bone pain, recurring infections, fever, regular nosebleeds, swollen lymph nodes, excessive perspiration, red skin spots, fatigue and weight loss, as stated by Mayo Clinic. These sympto... More » Health Conditions & Diseases Cancer

Stage III symptoms of lymphoma include swollen lymph nodes, weight loss, fatigue, fever, stomach pain, bone pain, enlarged spleen, rash, shortness or breath, pain when drinking alcohol, cough, itchy skin and night sweats... More »

Possible symptoms of collar bone cancer include bone pain, broken bones, urinary or bowl incontinence, and weakness in the legs or arms, according to Mayo Clinic. Not all patients of cancer that spreads to the bones expe... More »

The symptoms of bone cancer include bone pain, tenderness or swelling near the affected area, fatigue, broken bones, and unexplained weight loss, according to Mayo Clinic. There are three common types of bone cancer: ost... More »