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War bonds are government-issued debt securities released to finance military operations during times of war. Typically, a war bond is issued at a return of rate that is lower than the average market rate for similar type of securities.


A metallic bond forms when the valence electrons are not associated with a particular atom or ion. Instead, they exist as a "cloud" of electrons around the ion centers.


An insurance bond is a single premium life insurance policy that policy holders use as a savings investment, according to Investopedia. Common in the United Kingdom and other foreign countries, an insurance bond also allows investors to avoid paying taxes on their earni...


Stocks are securities that allow investors to have a vested stake in a company proportional to the amount of shares purchased. Bonds are debt instruments in which investors lend money for a specific period of time and interest rate, according to the Securities and Excha...


A bonded title is also called a Certificate of Title Surety and is used to prove the ownership of a motor vehicle in the United States. It can be used instead of the standard vehicle title to register, buy insurance for or sell the vehicle.


Washington state attorney Bradley Johnson states that a cash bond, also known as a cash-only bond, is a bond in which the inmate is released from jail only when that inmate can pay the full amount of the bond in cash. In this case, a surety bond is not accepted.


Savings bonds come in two types, which are Series EE and Series I bonds. They are issued by the United States Department of the Treasury and provide government funding. The government awards interest in return.