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Overview of holidays and many observances in Bolivia during the year 2019


Bolivia has a staggering amount of festivals throughout the year, with many based on pseudo-Christian beliefs while others purely indigenous American affairs. Some of these events can become boisterous and are not recommended for visitors, but most are friendly gatherings where tourists are more ...


Fun-Filled Festivals in Bolivia It is no secret that Bolivians love a good party. From the spiritual and traditional, to the more wild and westernised, Bolivia’s festivals are unique, colourful, and voracious; a fantastic experience for any fun loving traveler.


Public holidays are typically carried out with great pomp and circumstance in Bolivia. Everything closes down. No one works, no one goes to school, there are no banks, and even public transportation may be hard to find.


Plurinational State of Bolivia Anniversary: Nacimiento del Estado Plurinacional de Bolivia February 2 Feast of the Virgin of Candelaria Mamacha Candelaria Fiesta de la Virgen de Candelaria Floating Carnival Feriado por Carnaval The dates change every year, but regardless of the dates and days on which they occur, they are two days' paid holiday.


Many exciting Bolivia holidays, festivals, take place each year.Bolivians are adept at finding a reason for any type of celebrations or special occasions.You don’t have to stay long to find a Bolivian fiesta or carnival, along with many other forms of entertainment.


Bolivia holidays encompass two of the South America’s biggest draws: the Andes and the Amazon. The highlands are the brutal crown, capped with blinding salt, dusty desert, exhausted volcanoes and high-altitude lakes whereas, descending into the valleys, the climate becomes springlike, water erupts ...


Bolivia is the biggest country with beautiful places and a number of religions. Like other countries it's religious and traditional events are celebrated with dedication and joy. The government announces public holidays on national occasions.


Bolivians celebrate the main Catholic holidays such as Easter, Christmas, and Corpus Christi. They also celebrate Labor Day, and their Independence Day is August 6. A major festival celebrated in March is Pookhyái , which is held in the Andean town of Tarabuco.


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