According to the chemistry department of Elmhurst College, water boils because it has reached the temperature at which its molecules are moving fast enough for the water's vapor pressure to equal or exceed the atmosphere... More » Science Chemistry Atoms & Molecules

According to Elmhurst College, the molecules in a liquid are packed closely together and make random movements, as the molecules slip past each other. As the liquid is heated, the kinetic energy increases, which causes t... More » Science Physics Thermodynamics

At sea level, water boils at 100 degrees Celsius or 212 degrees Fahrenheit. Altitude and the purity of the water are factors that affect the boiling point. More »

Water boils at 100 degrees Celsius because, at that temperature, its vapor pressure equals the pressure of the surrounding atmosphere at sea level. The molecules of liquid are moving too energetically for the outside pre... More »

Home treatment for boils includes applying warm compresses or soaking the boil in warm water and keeping the sore clean and medicated once the boil bursts, according to WebMD. Wait for the boil to burst rather than attem... More »

The Antoine equation for vapor pressure of water at a given temperature is: log P=A - B/T+C. "A," "B" and "C" are Antoine coefficients, and "T" is the temperature. More » Science Chemistry

Substances that are attracted to water molecules are known as hydrophilic molecules. These molecules can interact on a molecular level with water and are also known as water soluble molecules. More »