There are two types of Boeing 763 seating maps, according to SeatGuru. The two-class version has 44 rows between business and economy class seating. The three-class version has only 39 rows split between global first cla... More » Vehicles Airplanes & Helicopters

Visit the websites of airlines that fly the Boeing 787, such as United Airlines, Air Canada and Virgin Atlantic, to locate seating charts. Alternatively, visit or to locate a Boeing 787 seati... More » Geography

Individuals can find seat maps for the Boeing 787 Dreamliner on the websites of planes' airlines, such as United Airlines or Air Canada. Alternatively, TripAdvisor's SeatGuru website maintains Boeing 787 seating maps of ... More » Vehicles Airplanes & Helicopters
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A Boeing 777 jet seat map refers to a seating chart that is provided by either an aggregation website, such as SeatGuru, or by individual airlines. This seat map displays the arrangement and number of seats in each airli... More » Vehicles Airplanes & Helicopters

To view seating plans for the Boeing 77W, also known as the 777-300ER, visit SeatGuru. The site offers standard seating charts for most commercial aircraft. More » Vehicles Airplanes & Helicopters

As of July 2015, a typical Boeing 767 seating chart has five to seven rows of first class seats at the front. These are followed by five to 10 rows of high-end economy seating. The rear of the aircraft has more than 10 r... More » Vehicles Airplanes & Helicopters

To use a Boeing 737 seating map to find the most comfortable seats, look for the over-wing exit-row seats with extra legroom, and the first row of seats located behind the First Class cabin, as these usually offer extra ... More » Vehicles Airplanes & Helicopters