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A machine is any device that transmits mechanical energy or power into useful work. The simplest machines redirect an applied force or convert kinetic energy into potential energy. More complicated machines are powered by electricity or fuel and use moving parts and ele...


To lose weight by using an elliptical machine, it's necessary to work against the resistance of the pedals to get the heart rate elevated. Used correctly, an elliptical machine gives you a good cardio workout, according to Self Magazine.


A body weight chart is a chart that shows healthy weight based on height, according to Rush University Medical Center. The weight chart on Rush University Medical Center's website indicates normal, overweight and obese ranges for heights beginning at 4 foot 10 inches an...


The percentage of muscle mass in the human body depends upon gender, age and physical fitness. For men, the average muscle mass is between 38 percent and 54 percent, while for women the range is between 28 percent and 39 percent.


A Body Mass Index calculator uses an individual's body weight and height to calculate his body mass, according to How Stuff Works. The Body Mass Index rate is used to determine if a person is underweight, overweight or has a healthy weight. BMI is calculated in inches a...


The multi-hip machine trains many of the major leg muscles by facilitating motion within a 180-degree plane. While the name mentions the hip, this machine actually allows for exercises that target the hamstring and quadriceps. One benefit of this machine is that it trai...


According to the health monitoring device manufacturer Microlife, bones account for about 15 percent of total body mass in men. In women, bones account for roughly 12 percent of total body mass.