According to 3FC, Michael Thurmond's meso-endo type C dieter resembles a rectangle in appearance. The original somatotype system of body shape classification uses three extreme shapes to describe all bodies. Endomorphs a... More » Health Medical Ranges & Levels

According to Medical News Today, when a person has a high A1c level, there is poor blood sugar control in the body. A person with poor glucose control has an increased risk of developing diabetes complications. More »

Both a high sedimentation rate and a high C-reactive protein are indicative of inflammation somewhere in the body, but neither test can pinpoint the source of the inflammation, state both WebMD and Lab Tests Online. Alth... More »

A normal blood differential result from a complete blood count test indicates that each type of white blood cell in the body is within normal range, according to MedlinePlus. The types of white blood cells include neutro... More »

Monocytes are a special type of white blood cell found in the body that ward off infection. Having too low or too high of a count can cause problems. More »

The purpose of a C-reactive protein test is to measure the amount of a particular type of protein in a person's blood, which indicates levels of inflammation in the body, according to WebMD. This C-reactive protein, or C... More »

Depending on the type of sugar, it can take anywhere from one to four hours for the body to digest it; however, blood sugar can begin to rise within just 20 minutes of consumption, explains Aglaee Jacob for SFGate. Foods... More »