Bob Lee Swagger is a fictional character created by Stephen Hunter. In Hunter's novels, Swagger is a deadly sniper and a veteran of the Vietnam War, having suffered a significant hip injury in combat, which often factors... More »

Stephen Hunter's first novel, "Master Sniper," published in 1980, was followed by 1982's "Second Saladin" and 1985's "Target" and "The Spanish Gambit." Stephen Hunter has published a total of 18 novels, including three s... More »

Charles Lee Ray is the main character of the "Chucky" horror film series. He is a voodoo practitioner who had his soul transferred into a killer Good Guy doll. Ray is also known for being "The Lakeshore Strangler." More »

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The primary highlight of radio personality Kristi Lee's career was when she joined radio hosts Bob Kevoian and Tom Griswold in 1984 as the news director of the nationally syndicated morning show "The Bob & Tom Show." Lee... More »

After getting married in 2001, Sandra Lee got divorced from Bruce Karatz, the CEO of KB Home, in 2005. As of June 2015, she has been dating New York governor Andrew Cuomo since 2005, but they have never been married. More »

Lee Dewyze is a singer and songwriter who won the ninth season of the reality show "American Idol" in 2009. Dewyze got a recording deal with 19 Recordings and RCA Records after winning the singing contest and has release... More »

Bob Beckel has been the co-host of Fox News Channels "The Five" since 2011. He is part of a group of personages who discuss and debate current news stories and issues on the show. More »